Directed by: Mikey Rogers & Maxwell Dean
Starring: Taylor D. Rummes, Sampson Mowrey. and Morgan Kraven

Created by local filmmakers, Hunted is a 35 minute short film that follows a series of mysterious disappearances that send shockwaves through the small community of Maple Brook, leaving the police with no leads. Hunter Garrison, after his sister, Casey, has seemingly become the latest victim, is determined to take matters into his own hands and find her himself.

Cast and Crew:
Written by:
Mikey Rogers, Maxwell Dean, Taylor D. Rummes, Morgan Kraven

Music Composer:
Daniel Patrick Swain

Hunter Garrison – Taylor D. Rummes
Casey Garrison – Morgan Kraven
The Man in the Shadows – Sampson Mowrey

Bryan Mehaffey
D.J. Miller
Mitch Spinell
Victoria Smith

Cinematography/Editing/Sound Design
Mikey Rogers

Props/Location Scouting/Pyrotechnics
Maxwell Dean, Morgan Kraven

Lighting Director:
Seth Reber

Seth Reber

Special Thanks:
Dave Ross
M.A.D. Bros Games & Hobbies
Jack Links

Produced by:
M3X Films
Local Broadcast Network

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