Local Broadcast Network

Local Broadcast Network is a free Direct To Consumer (DTC) Television Network headquartered
in Dover OH. Our streaming platform brings you new and unique content viewing options from
around the world and best of all, around the corner.
You can watch local events, weather and sports from your favorite neighborhood team for free.
We partner with businesses who run their ads with us making it possible to provide this free
The future is here with high power streaming capabilities opening all the right doors for you to
view the latest programs and promote your business with the power of video ads, content
sponsorship, Social and Display ads. Integrating these components drive traffic to your site
and to your door.


Local Broadcast Network provides live coverage of sports in your area. Games are archived to be viewed at your convenience. LBN has partnered with the mellow tones of Charlie Jones and his ‘Big Time Sports’ Television Series.  


Stream exclusive original series and specials produced by LBN. We also feature shows from content contributors worldwide.


LBN streams the live concerts, events, and presentations that are important to you. 


The ultimate goal of Local Broadcast Network is to franchise all around the country, so no matter where you are it is local. Viewers can choose content from a strong streaming platform yet have programming from their immediate area. 
LBN is available on firestick, Roku, apple tv as a mobile app or available on every TV manufacturer except Vizio. For Vizio tv owners we recommend using firestick, an apple or Roku device will also work. Of course the LBN is also available in your phone's mobile app store. 
Local Broadcast Network is a DTC Network that streams original content and live events. 

LBN is also a full service video production facility, handling projects from conception to distribution. We provide video service for clients ranging from local adverting to network clients such as the NFL, CSAPN, ABC, and Good Morning just to name a few. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. 
We offer a wide array of expertise including commercial, corporate  videos, live events, and  docuseries. For the LBN network and hundreds of other clients. 
Yes LBN is with you every step of the way including but not limited to conception, locations,  script writing, preproduction, acquisition, post productions, and  distribution. 
We use end Sony and Panasonic cameras, with up to 4k capabilities. 
We outsource freelance work on an as needed basis matching the requirements set forth by the script and preproduction determinations. 
Prepackaged ad pricing is available starting at 200 a month. All of our client's projects and needs are different. Once your project is clearly defined, we will be happy to discuss the cost of each project. 
Naturally depending on the complexity of the project, completion times vary. Some projects for example can be done in the same day, while others may take weeks to complete. 
Communication is the key! We encourage client involvement every step of the way and we keep you informed of the progress of your project. 
Local Broadcast Network is a strong streaming platform but unlike Hulu or Pluto, LBN maintains a local presence. 
No job is to big or to small. We work with a large network of professional associates who provide outstanding results giving us the capability to handle any size project. 
To get started with a new project please see our additional services page at 

To advertise with us please see our advertiser upload page at or feel free to contact us
The first coarse of action is to sign a non discloser agreement (NDA) so we can further discuss your concept.