AHS Video Production “Aviator Shootout” Film Fest 24


Each year, Alliance High School’s Video Production CTE classes compete in a filmmaking competition where students are broken up into small groups and create mini movies within 48 hours based on a randomly assigned genre, prop, camera shot, and line of dialogue.

Group 1: “60 Seconds”
Ehrick Elliott
Dylan Godfrey
Conner Wilson
Angel Shepherd
Bryson McCord
Genre: Mystery
Prop: Clock
Camera shot: Slow Zoom
Line of Dialogue: “It still gets me every time”

Group 2: “Chase”
Dawn Bacorn
Maddux Bryant
Trinity George
TreyVion Wheeler-Fisher
Lyla Brown
Genre: Drama
Prop: flash drive
Camera shot: high angle
Line of Dialogue: “It was the best magic trick I’ve ever seen”

Group 3: “Stainless Abduction”
Sam Bair
Mari Broxson
Sophia Thomas
Kaitlyn Waite
Jayden Johns
Genre: Action
Prop: Water bottle
Camera shot: Low Angle
Line of Dialogue: “This is the greatest moment of your life, man”

Gold Level Sponsors:
-David Phillippi, Lavery Automotive

Other sponsors:
Alliance Ventures
White Physical Therapy
Smith’s Hodge Podge
Troll Hole
Trap’s Sporting Goods
Hot Pots
Twisted Essence Liquidation Company
Papa John’s
Spectrum Channel 1022: Alliance

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