The mission of Local Broadcast Network is to reintroduce free TV to the public. The name will become synonymous nationwide because no matter where you’re at, its local! LBN is also filling the void created by the disappearance of newspapers and radio stations around the country.

Years ago, television was watched via an antenna wired to your tv set as the stations broadcast their shows with an RF signal from their headquarters located regionally throughout the country. The quality of the signal depended on the reception antenna of the viewer. The options ranged from “rabbit ears” to a tower mounted rotary antenna allowing the viewer to rotate their antenna for maximum reception. At this point the signal was free to capture and the image quality remained in the hands of the viewer and how much they wanted to fork out for an antenna.

Then along came cable. For a fee, a viewer could have a hard wire connected to their TV and receive great images without worrying about an antenna. Then satellite tv came along and with that big dish in the yard, you captured an analog signal sent out by a satellite orbiting far above the earth.

That was short lived as the signals became digital and the size of the dish decreased. At the same time, cable TV rates were increasing with more premium channels to choose from and with the internet services available, it’s now easy to have a hundred and fifty to two hundred bucks wrapped up in your cable or satellite bill every month.

Then along came streaming video. With just an internet connection, you can see thousands of different shows, movies, news and sports just about anywhere you’re at, as long as you pay for the subscription from one of the suppliers. And if you’re not careful, you can easily get carried away by installing countless apps that offer all sorts of channels and genres and be shelling out hundreds of dollars a month for subscriptions you totally forgot about!!

And now comes Local Broadcast Network. Our platform allows you to view things locally in your area like high school sports or events happening within the community. We also have many TV shows produced locally and content from contributors worldwide!

We currently have old TV shows too. And soon we will have movies and series to choose from, just like Netflix. But here’s the’s free!! Yep totally free!

Additionally, LBN is a community resource. With the demise of newspapers, it’s becoming a challenge to keep up with what’s happening locally. Which is where we come in.

Our powerful server platform allows us to broadcast live events within the community. We also offer a huge menu of opportunities for local businesses to get involved by providing server space much like that of YouTube, but concentrated locally to better serve the local communities!!

We are up and running and growing quickly. Franchise opportunities are available and we’re structured to be offering an IPO in the very near future.

So whether you’re a large business representative or a small business owner, now’s the time to get involved with Local Broadcast Network.