What is LBN?

Local Broadcast Network is a new FREE streaming platform serving Stark, Tuscarawas and surrounding areas. It’s like Netflix meets local TV bringing choices of entertainment and sports right to your phone, tablet or television. There are choices of local sports, television shows and entertainment from around the corner to around the world for viewers of all ages to enjoy. And it’s free for the viewer to watch. No subscription or monthly fees! Just like the old days! Free tv but on your mobile devices and your TV at home. Boom!

Its new and it’s growing very fast! It’s the most effective way for you to attract customers to your business and it keeps getting better everyday!

What content is on LBN?

The content on LBN keeps getting better and better as we continue to grow. LBN is the new home of Big Time Sports, the area’s leader in high school sports production for the past 25 years! Yes the mellow tones of Charlie Jones and his feel good delivery of sports broadcasting has seen a huge jump in viewership after joining forces with LBN and the advertisers are loving the exposure it’s created for them.

LBN also carries a host of other programming created both in house at our brick and mortar studio in Dover Ohio, and from our contributors around the globe.

How can LBN help me?

We have many ways to utilize our services. From placing a video ad or banner ad on our app, to having your own channel to educate your customers or even your employees through training videos. Even recruitment strategies can be carried through our platform. Get ahead of your competition by utilizing our cost effective marketing opportunities before your competition does!

Viewers can click on your ads or videos, taking them to your desired landing page. Our analytics track the impressions of views and click throughs so you can measure your results and get the most out of your advertising and brand awareness dollar!!

But wait!! There’s more!!

Advertising is just one way to utilize LBN. Imagine…having your own show! Or sponsoring your own show! We can make that happen!

Attracting employees has never been easier by placing recruitment videos on our platform. The possibilities are endless!

Let our Emmy Award winning team show you how we can help your business with our powerful and efficient streaming platform that will soon be taking the nation by storm!

By getting on board now, you can lock in rates forever just by acting today! Contact Dave at daverosstv@gmail.com or by calling 330-705-0277. Or by contacting the office at 330-365-1060, or for general questions email contact@localbroadcastnetwork.com.