In the Crossroads of Giants: Episode – 3


Boko is a legend at Elephant Sands. The rowdiest, loudest, most destructive regular visitor in the region. This wild elephant bull weighs in at around 5 tones – and is fast on his feet. His broken tusks give him a rugged look and when he frowns, which is often, it brings a twinkle to his eye.
Boko’s behavior is challenging at the best of times. He often charges at whomever may be in front of him. Staff, guests, visitors – even vehicles.

He will scare the living daylights out of you but he’s never harmed a soul. In fact, he’s never actually touched anybody, ever. I think he’s just
a softie at heart and is teasing us.

CROSSROADS OF GIANTS is an African elephant wildlife documentary series like no other. Elephant life is filmed up close with an undaunted approach. It’s like being there. Watch the series. You may never look at an African elephant in the same way again

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