Canton, OH, February 1, 2024

In a collaborative effort between the City of Canton and Canton City Public Health (CCPH), the establishment of the Republic Canton Community Fund has been announced to address the impacts of air pollution on residential properties stemming from Republic Steel’s operations. This initiative follows a Final Judgment and Consent Order issued on December 12, 2023, as a resolution to an air pollution case brought forth by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office against Republic Steel.

The Consent Order, a product of cooperation between the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CCPH Air Pollution Control, and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, mandates Republic Steel to allocate $300,000 towards the cleaning of residences or other relevant activities within the City of Canton. The utilization of these funds will be at the city’s discretion, with community input and Ohio EPA’s approval.

The primary focus of the Republic Canton Community Fund is to mitigate the dust accumulation and staining on residential properties caused by Republic Steel’s operations during the period spanning from 2017 to 2023, as stipulated by the court order. Analysis of air pollution complaints and monitoring data for the aforementioned period has identified properties south and east of Republic Steel as the most significantly impacted.

Two designated areas have been delineated for the utilization of the Republic Canton Community Fund. The first encompasses a residential zone south of Republic Steel, bordered by 8th Street NE, Marietta Avenue NE, Tuscarawas St. E., and Gobel Avenue NE. The second area is situated east of Republic Steel, near the intersection of Trump Avenue NE and Georgetown Road NE.

To execute the objectives of the fund, the City of Canton and CCPH will initiate the solicitation of bids from contractors for exterior cleaning services for residences within the designated areas. These services are scheduled to be conducted between April and October 2024. Residents within the specified zones will receive detailed instructions on how to schedule the complimentary services once a contractor is secured.

Following the completion of the exterior cleaning program, any remaining funds will be subject to community input from residents within the designated areas to determine their allocation.

For further information on the Republic Canton Community Fund Program, individuals are encouraged to contact Terri Dzienis, Air Pollution Control Director, at 330-438-4640. Additionally, a map delineating the designated areas is available for reference on the Canton City Public Health website (

This initiative marks a significant step towards addressing the environmental concerns of affected residents and underscores the commitment of local authorities to safeguarding community well-being amidst industrial activities.