COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has unveiled the updated Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) rankings for girls and boys basketball on Wednesday. These rankings will play a crucial role in determining the seeding for the statewide district tournament draws scheduled for February 4 for girls and February 11 for boys.

The implementation of RPI for seeding purposes was proposed by the Ohio Basketball Coaches Association (OHSBCA) and received approval from the OHSAA Board of Directors last fall. This marks a significant shift in the methodology for determining tournament seedings, emphasizing a data-driven approach.

The RPI formula, recommended by the OHSBCA and adopted by the OHSAA, relies on scores entered into MaxPreps. Comprising 40 percent winning percentage, 35 percent opponent’s winning percentage, and 25 percent opponent’s opponent’s winning percentage, the formula aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of a team’s performance. Teams are responsible for entering scores into MaxPreps, ensuring accuracy in the calculation. In the case of out-of-state opponents, the Ohio school must input the score if not done by the out-of-state school.

For girls’ basketball RPI rankings, visit here, and for boys’ basketball RPI rankings, visit here.

Teams and schools must adhere to the final reporting dates for scores, with a cutoff at 11:59 PM on February 2 for girls and February 9 for boys. Importantly, regular-season games will continue after the tournament draw, maintaining the competitive spirit throughout the season.

The grouping of schools is determined by the seeding approach of each of the OHSAA’s six District Athletic Boards. The Central, East, Northeast, and Southeast Districts consolidate all schools in each division. In contrast, the Southwest District divides schools into North and South groups, and the Northwest District divides schools into smaller groups.

This move towards utilizing RPI for basketball tournament seeding follows the OHSAA’s longstanding use of a version of RPI data in determining football playoff qualifiers since 1972. The OHSAA expresses its commitment to exploring the possibility of incorporating RPI data for seeding in additional sports in the future.

As high school basketball teams across Ohio gear up for the upcoming tournaments, the RPI rankings will undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation, creating a data-driven narrative for postseason matchups.