New Philadelphia, January 22, 2024 – In this week’s Mayor’s report, Mayor Joel Day addresses both somber and uplifting news, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of the city.

Remembering Mayor Greg Erb

The week began on a solemn note as the city mourns the passing of former Mayor Greg Erb. Mayor Day expressed heartfelt condolences, highlighting Erb’s passionate dedication to God, New Philadelphia, and America. Erb’s legacy as a friend and mentor lives on, with Mayor Day emphasizing the positive impact Erb had on the city. Residents are urged to remember Erb’s family in their prayers. Details about his memorial service can be found on the Geib Funeral Home website.

New Business Blooms in Downtown

Switching gears, Mayor Day shares the excitement of a new addition to the city’s business landscape. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Keller Williams Legacy Group Realty – Tuscarawas County marked the official opening of this real estate venture. Mayor Day and Service Director McAbier celebrated the occasion, welcoming the new business to the growing downtown community.

Tuscora Park Enhancements for Persons with Special Needs

In a commitment to inclusivity, Tuscora Park is set to become more accessible to individuals with special needs. The City Park Board approved communication boards designed by Lacey Herbert-Stephen, donated by the Lacey PAC Adaptive Movement Center. These boards, aimed at assisting those who struggle with verbal expression, will be strategically placed in key areas of the park, including the children’s playground and kiddie ride area. The move emphasizes the city’s dedication to making public spaces more handicap accessible.

NP Schools Facilities Meeting

Mayor Day urges the community’s engagement in the future of the New Philadelphia School District’s buildings. A public meeting, scheduled for Tuesday night at 6:30 pm at the Front Avenue Administrative Building, will address crucial issues, including the location of new school buildings. Mayor Day stresses the importance of collaboration between the City Council and the School Board in determining the course of action for the aging school structures.

Mayor Taylor’s Memorabilia Collection at City Hall

Highlighting the city’s rich history, Mayor Day announces the upcoming display of former Mayor Mike Taylor’s extensive collection of New Philadelphia memorabilia at City Hall. The Tuscarawas County Heritage Home Association has generously donated display cases for this purpose, with items from Mayor Taylor’s collection set to rotate periodically. The exhibit aims to offer residents a deeper appreciation of the city’s history.

Downtown Business Owners Propose DORA

Concluding the report, Mayor Day hands over the floor to Jim Knisely, a downtown property and business owner leading a group interested in establishing a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in the downtown area. President Kemp is requested to assign the DORA proposal to a Council committee for thorough consideration.

As New Philadelphia navigates through both challenges and triumphs, Mayor Day’s report reflects the resilience and progress that define the city’s spirit.