Mayson Kukwa, a local area student, wrote and published his first ever book, “The King of Desolation” this past week.

“Ever since I was young I have wanted to become an author. I wrote my first short story around 2 years ago and that was when I came up with the idea for The King of Desolation. Most of the characters I have created are heavily based on real-life people that I have met. 

Mayson began his creative journey two years ago, when he did his first play at The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County.

“Around two years ago I started to become entranced in the fantasy world. Starting my own DnD campaigns which though I didn’t have one that lasted as long as I wanted it to, was a blast to do. I also started theatre at the local Tuscarawas County Little Theatre around 2 years ago, which sparked me to become more into the world of writing and acting.”

The King of Desolation is a story about the war-torn realm of Nastomar, where chaos reigns as families and kingdoms vye for power. Amidst the turmoil, a lone figure rises from the ashes of a decimated kingdom. Kaito Hurayama, the last of his bloodline, is determined to restore his family’s honor and seek vengeance for their demise.

Mayson says he plans to write three more novels in the series.

“ As of now, I have 3 more novels in the Series known as “The Ballad of Gods and Men.” and 2 spin-offs planned. One of those is a prequel that shows off events leading up to the start of The King of Desolation. Although I am only 16 I feel that I have accomplished quite a large thing. If you like dragons, war, romance, dark fantasy, and plot twists, “The King of Desolation” is the book for you!”

You can find “The King of Desolation” on Amazon for $16 by clicking this link 

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